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truly a family restaurant
About us

45 Years Creating A Truly Enjoyable Restaurant Experience. Puerto Vallarta is truly a family restaurant organization. It all started in 1977. The founders were Anita Andrade and Clemente Andrade. 

They originated from a small pueblo outside of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco called Cuatla. Anita and Clemente gave birth to five kids all living in a three bedroom house with no warm water, and lived in a state of poverty.

Everything changed in 1977 when they sacrificed time with their children, and migrated to Seattle, Washington in hopes of achieving the American Dream. Their children’s names are Delia, Leticia, Lidia, Hector and Sergio.

After establishing a solid restaurant in downtown Puyallup, the kids then migrated as well to reunite with their parents. Upon Arrival, no english was spoken. Thrown into school with only spanish speaking history. The kids quickly adapted and began to learn English. As they got older, they all partook in the energy to building a Mexican restaurant. From hostess, to dishwasher, to busboy, to server, cook, bartender. They learned the ins and outs of the business. 5 decades later they created the best Mexican Restaraunt chain in the state of Washington.

The Puerto Vallarta family is proud to be home to the strongest and most diverse community in the state of Washington. Each location was possible by the efforts of two dreamers in Anita Andrade and Clemente Andrade.